"Not only is Alli a gifted designer- experienced, flexible, fast, and artistically well versed, she’s also an absolute pleasure to be around. 

Her positivity, and roll-up-her-sleeves attitude is infectious- just what’s needed in the business of executing large events!  I recommend her highly!"

Susan McLeary


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"Alli is punctual and focused, but friendly and helpful as well. her design skills are wide-ranging and she works well on her own and with other staff and freelancers. she stays calm under pressure at large, high-pressure events, and comes through in a pinch! "

Lisa Waud

Pot & Box

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"Alli is a seriously talented and creative designer, and an efficient and dedicated worker. She is able to run easily with minimal (and also very specific) direction, and is a clear communicator and generous in receiving feedback. She is able to anticipate needs, problem solve, and offers a wealth of her own professional experience. She also has an easygoing spirit and is just a joy to be around. I'd work with her every day if I could."

Denise & Megan

Pistil & Stamen


Alli is an amazing florist!  The first time we met onsite for a job her professionalism and eagerness to jump right in amazed me.  It takes a true artists eye in order to create color combinations that have nuanced shadows for depth and Alli is a natural.  She is efficient and works fast with amazing precision.  Cannot say enough great things about this sweet lady.  I feel fortunate to have worked by her side!


Katie Wachowiak

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Diane Mouton

Fat Cat Flowers

Tracy Swinburn 

Red Poppy Floral Design

Sara Perez Ekanger

Antigua Floral

"Alli is the perfect freelancer!  She has a broad range of floral technical skills and is a master of everything from handwork to table décor and large scale installations.  She is very talented, and meticulous in her work – she has a delicate touch and a well trained eye.  Additionally, she is a delight.  Her personality is cheerful and she is professional both in the studio and on site.  She is reliable, creative and versatile.  I have worked with Alli for many years and continue to use her when I need a freelancer."

"Alli is a gem! She is not only a talented designer, but she is a true artist. Alli has a natural ability to design arrangements, appreciate color theory and is very experienced when it comes it mechanics in floral design. Her work is flawless! Not only that, but she know her florals and how to take care of them so well. Also, when people meet her, they love her!  Alli is a great asset when it comes to creating a team and she works so well with others. I'll say it again, Allison is a true gem!"

"Alli is a first-rate freelancer - I really can't recommend her highly enough!  I feel very lucky when I can book her because she does beautiful work and her instincts and mechanics are great - I know she can execute anything beautifully.  She works efficiently and stops to check in with me about her designs but she doesn't need direction - she's a pro.  I genuinely enjoy working with her - she's a joy to have around!  She's not your average freelancer and always love having her!"